Industry 4.0 Solutions

Smart manufacturing is the foundation of Industry 4.0 revolution and reshape the future of the world economy. In China, it will help Chinese manufacturing industry leap forward. However, Chinese enterprises still need to accelerate the completion of the short board in industrial automation and informatization.

Proactive Sensing Issue Identification Analytics

With increasing pressure to identify quality, warranty, and safety issues quickly and limit the scope of service campaigns and recalls, manufacturers must find innovative ways to distill the vast and disparate data generated in the field.

Proactive Sensing cross-correlates all available structured and unstructured defect data sources. By applying advanced analytics across multiple data sources, Proactive Sensing helps identify issues early, thereby limiting the scope of campaigns, reducing warranty repair costs, increasing process efficiency, and improving brand reputation.

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Connected Machine Analytics

Numerous factors collide in the field to cause costly warranty, quality, and safety issues. Fortunately, increasingly connected equipment is capturing valuable data to understand these factors.

However, OEMs are not fully utilizing the wealth of information being generated by connected machines. By developing a sophisticated analytical capability, OEMs can leverage connected machine data to reduce costs, improve machine performance, and boost customer satisfaction.

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Quality Command Center

Quality personnel are managing a larger number of defect investigations through a process that involves hundreds of process steps and dozens of key milestones across multiple functions. OEMs can build a Quality Command Center to have real-time visibility into key performance indicators at every stage of the process in order to monitor efficiency and improve performance.

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Proactive Monitoring of Remedy Effectiveness

Once the root-cause has been identified and a remedy has been developed, many OEMs feel that they can move on to solving the next issue. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Many OEMs experience warranty claims on previous warranty issues and recalls on previous recall fixes because remedies weren't effective or caused entirely separate issues. To avoid these scenarios, the effectiveness of field and production fixes must be closely monitored.

Proactive Monitoring leverages analytic techniques to model the expected reduction in related repairs over time, comparing expected failures vs. actual failures to identify ineffective fixes.

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Internet of Everything and Digital Supply Chain Transformation Strategy

As the frontier of information technologies, digital technology and Internet of Things cover nearly all areas of supply chain, promote cooperation across organizations, change business model and improve consumer experience. In fact, an "always online" dynamic network can better connect to business strategy and become the source of competitive strength.

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