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We regularly publish thought leadership to help our clients understand the ever-changing industry. With a dedicated team of professionals focused on research, analysis and reporting, we aim at providing you with insightful industry perspectives.

  • New retail reinvigorates China’s imports: New technologies, new models, new channels
    As the report indicates, China has made an outstanding contribution to global consumption growth compared with other countries and regions. China’s retail landscape has entered a new phase of reform focused on consumer demand and driven by digitization. New models, applications and products are continually being used in China, a trend with far-reaching significance for development and innovation in global retail.
  • Next stop for convenience stores 
    This report analyzes the convenience store industry from three perspectives of future development, transformation and upgrading approaches as well as potential reshaping forces.
  • Global Powers of Retailing 2018: Transformative change, reinvigorated commerce
    According to the report, the Top 250 global retailers generated aggregated revenues of US$4.4 trillion in fiscal year 2016, representing composite growth of 4.1 percent.
  • Digital Maturity of China Retail Industry
    According to the latest report jointly conducted by Deloitte China and the CCFA, Chinese retail companies achieved a score of 2.9 out of 5 in terms of digital maturity, which implies that there is still a long way to go before they can build a complete business ecosystem backed by digital technology.
  • Transformation of Traditional Retailer in The Era of New Retail
    In this whitepaper, we provide in-depth insights on how traditional brand retailers and manufacturers should transform to take lead in the era of New Retail, identify the main challenges of supply chain management and elaborate the optimized operation model.
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