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How to make steps from survival to thrival on COVID-19? 

Nowadays, confusion and difficulties among foreign companies operating in China are increasing with the coronavirus outbreak and resumption of work. Based on positive feedback from clients, Deloitte is summarizing its professional experiences in serving foreign enterprises over many years to launch "How to make steps from survival to thrival on COVID-19? " Weclass is English-language platform that provides insights for multinational enterprises.


  • Global impact of Oil and Gas
  • Technology and Collaboration Winning Strategies for Logistics amid the COVID-19 Epidemic
  • Leveraging Supply Chain to Help Retail Sector Overcome The Crisis
  • Capability based Supply Chain Network Planning is a Crucial Risk Management Measure for China Manufacturing Industry
  • Helping your employees navigate their China tax filings during epidemic
  • How to Enhance Supply Chain Immunity Amid the COVID-19 Epidemic
  • Certain international and M&A tax considerations for MNCs

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