Next Generation Family Business

Leading a Family Business in a Disruptive Environment

For a long time, the disruptive forces have been the key topic for us to strive to provide systematic solutions. We know that the business environment is fast changing, and moreover, Chinese family businesses currently are entering the period of leadership transition. In view of this, the report has been launched to lead a broad eyeshot and feasible prospects for private enterprises, family businesses, and high net worth individuals who are involved in the ecosystem, and offer help for their future landscape.

The Report

We have implemented constant contacts and conducted in-depth interviews with 268 future leaders of family-owned companies, and eventually concluded the report. We find that the next generation of family business leaders is more aware than the previous generation of the meaning and impact of disruption, they have a long term horizon to respond to the disruptive innovations.

Viewpoints / key findings

The main contents of this report as below:

  • What is disruption
  • How to predict disruption
  • How to deal with the changes bring about by disruption
  • The differences between disruptive and sustainable innovation

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