Shaping the Future through Innovation & Integration

The 3rd Best Managed Companies Gala event & Symposium

Shaping the future

Peter F. Drucker said that he had no crystal ball and did not know how to predict the future, but the future has come. What we need to do is to carefully observe and analyze the changes around us, then we can predict the trend of the future society. We must go ahead of the changes and take the initiative to generate reforms. We should not be pushed or even phased out by the times.

Over the next 10 years, the major changes that will shape the next social, economic and technological environment will be both threat and opportunity to the survival of every organization. Confronted with the changes of the future, how to seek for balance between Change and Unchange in the development as an organization? What are the constant values and what are the actions to be changed in response to the times?

Entrepreneurs and executives should shape the future through innovation, perceive and capture the future through creative changes, especially the future that has already happened. At the same time, they should think about the constant core values and historical precipitation, to seek a balance between the past and the future, and to seek a coexistence between the Changes and Unchange.


The role model of future companies

Gathering paragons of Chinese private companies to create the practice of best management. After a six-month selection process, the winners of the 3rd China Best Managed Companies (BMC) have been officially confirmed. Deloitte as the biggest professional service institution partner with Bank of Singapore, Business School of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Harvard Business Review China to conduct rigid selection and coaching, ensuring the independence, integrity and authority.  There will be 13 BMC New Winners, 13 BMC Winners for two consecutive years and 16 BMC Winners for three consecutive years in the 3rd BMC program.


The portrait of 13 BMC new winners in general:

Revenue scales of the 13 BMC new winners: 1 company >RMB50 billion, 6 companies between RMB10-50 billion, and 6 companies among RMB1.5-10 billion. The industry distribution of the 13 BMC new winners: 5 in industrial manufacturing, 4 in consumer goods and retail, 1 in life science and healthcare, 2 in TMT, 1 in real estate. Among all the 13 BMC companies, The average history since inception is 24 years, average revenue is RMB 21.6 billion with average annual revenue growth rate of 7%  and average ROE of 27%.  

Although each BMC winner shows unique characteristics due to difference of industries and development stages and their own management system is constantly changing and upgrading. However, the following characteristics can be regarded as key factors for BMC winners as a whole:

  • In terms of strategy, BMC companies have adaptable and proactively strategy management system, focus on offering innovative and competitive products or services;
  • In terms of capability, BMC companies pay more attention on organizational management capability, digitization, and risk management;
  • In terms of commitment, BMC companies develop agile leadership and focus on the cultivation of talent echelons, the construction of internal and external ecosystems, and always have long-term organizational mission and cultural values inheritance system;
  • In terms of financial performance, BMC companies have sound financial strategy, good cash reserve and cost control ability.
  • Although under the impact of external uncertainties such as the epidemic situation, China's BMC companies have shown the characteristic of  "resilient enterprise” and "social enterprise".


Explore “future competitiveness” of enterprise in Chengdu

To share this important historical moment, we will gather in Chengdu, the city of hibiscus on the 30th of June to witness the BMC companies that have advanced management concept and management excellence. The theme of this year's BMC Awards Dinner is " Shaping the future through innovation & integration". The "Hibiscus flower" represents wealth, joy and resilience, symbolizing Chengdu, the city of innovation, vitality and resilience, which is a perfect combination of tradition and modernity. In the "City of the Future", we will explore the competitiveness of the future.

This year's BMC Award Gala invited nearly 100 business elites, including the core management team of the BMC companies, renowned entrepreneurs and representatives of international partners. During the ceremony, speeches and panels will be held on the theme of "the future of economy, the future of organization, the future of people and the future of society". At the end, the BMC program partners and the award-winning companies' executive teams will provoke the "Climate Change and Sustainable Development" initiative for social company in China.


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