Exporting the American Renaissance

Global impacts of LNG exports from the United States

In a startling about-face, natural gas market forces reversed course over the past several years. Expectations that the U.S. would become a major importer of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) have been replaced by the possibility of the U.S. becoming a major LNG exporter.

Cheniere Energy, Incorporated (“Cheniere”) funded a study by Deloitte MarketPoint (“DMP”) to conduct an objective, economic model based analysis of the potential impacts of LNG exports from the U.S. on domestic and global markets and prepare a report discussing the results of the analysis. Key questions addressed in this report include:

  • How could U.S. LNG exports affect prices in the U.S. and global markets?
  • How much could price spreads narrow as a result of U.S. LNG exports and other market developments?
  • Which countries might benefit from U.S. LNG exports and which ones might be disadvantaged?
  • What future natural gas projects might be displaced?
  • How could a more competitive global LNG market that is less dependent on oil-indexed gas prices affect projected results?
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