Intelligent mining

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About the report

The report explores how digital transformation in mining will enable better management, information integration, and the redesign of Integrated Systems—while also examining the challenges that can hamper such transformation.

In order to capitalize on the digital revolution, mining companies need to drive radical change. Deloitte Intelligent Mining is not just about a digital mine, but about broader organizational transformation. Intelligent Mining transforms the way decisions are made, the skills required, the rules of engagement with the workforce and community, and how resources are optimally utilized.

This report also discusses how Deloitte’s pre-configured solutions are based on best-in-class platforms from an established partner network, incubating the transformation journey and enabling rapid value realization for our clients.


Viewpoints / key findings

  • The journey to intelligent mining requires transformation in more dimensions than technology. Digitally mature companies are achieving success by increasing collaboration, scaling innovation, and revamping their approach to talent. How can mining companies leverage intelligent mining for organizational transformation?  (Pages 7-9)
  • Data driven insights drive improved planning control and decision support across the mining value chain. Companies must shift focus from traditional, siloed models to a business value driven, agile operating model. How can mining organizations ensure a successful transformation? (Pages 11-16)
  • An effective digital transformation program should be self-funding and not a make-or-break proposition. Identifying and prioritizing opportunities should be consistent with the key themes of speed and agility. How can organizations get started with the transformation process? (Page 19-22)
  • Deloitte’s pre-configured use cases and Digital Value Office (DVO) can incubate the transformation journey by enabling rapid value realization through collaboration, transparency, and the right partnerships. Why partner with Deloitte? (Page 23)

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