Capture the Value of Electricity Retailing

The liberalization of electricity retail market has been in the spotlight since the announcement of the power sector reform last year. Deloitte China Power team and Deloitte Research have jointly developed industry report "Capture the Value of Electricity Retailing" with analysis about the major implications of the reform and how the key market players response to the new trends.

Some of the key trends are:

  • Revenue model change will force grid companies to improve cost management and investment discipline
  • Power value chain extends to retail and end users suggesting promising market opportunities of value-added services
  • Private investment will play an active role and experience a wave of competition and consolidation
  • Intensified competition in electricity retail market will boost business model innovation
  • Greater value will be generated from power sector big data

To capture the value brought by the new trends, the report also points out that power retailers need to focus on building and enhancing core competitiveness in terms of customer loyalty, pricing management and data management. To achieve this goal, power retailers will need to make efforts in following areas:

  • To enhance quality of service, including customer analysis, new products development, sales and marketing.
  • To develop mastery in pricing management, including pricing strategies, pricing models and the continuous management along the value chain, and
  • To foster skills of data mining and analysis
(Simplified Chinese version only)
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