2015 China Listed Financial Asset Management Companies annual report analysis


China Listed Financial Asset Management Companies

2015 annual report analysis

Our analysis of the Chinese listed financial asset management companies' 2015 annual reports outlines the major challenges facing the asset management industry.

In 1999, as an important measure of China's financial reform and to draw on international experience, the State Council - through the Ministry of Finance - established a number of financial asset management companies to manage the acquisition and disposal of non-performing assets of state-owned commercial banks and assist in the strategic reorganization of the state-owned economy.

Over the past year, due to the many challenges brought about by traditional resource consumption relying solely on profit model margin, financial asset management companies have been required to continuously adjust their asset structure, adapting their operating models and transforming to an asset-light business.

Our report analyzes the 2015 financial data for China Cinda Asset Management and China Huarong Asset Management and explores the following themes:

  • The ability to achieve sustainable profit growth
  • Challenges surrounding asset quality
  • The impact of accounting change
  • Capital enhancement
  • Integrated platform management
  • The need for innovation

This report is available in simplified Chinese only.

(Simplified Chinese only)
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