2022 financial services industry outlooks

Banking, commercial real estate, insurance, and investment management

As we enter this next phase of the recovery, the future is unfolding. Financial services organizations are operating in a changing world—one they can help define. From banking and capital markets to insurance to investment management to commercial real estate, financial services firms face in 2022 a pivotal, no-turning-back opportunity to shape their—and the industry’s—future. Deloitte’s Center for Financial Services outlook collection reveals near-term concerns and long-term opportunities, offering a strong argument for FSIs to be bold going forward. Across sectors, financial organizations could overcome challenges and ascend to new heights by prioritizing digital transformation and ESG initiatives, investing in talent while rethinking the workplace, and partnering in new ways to innovate and increase efficiency. It’s time for financial leaders to think beyond traditional bottom-line metrics and develop strategies that serve both business and societal needs by putting purpose and trust at the top of the agenda. There’s never been a better time to reach higher.

2022 banking and capital markets outlook

2022 investment management outlook

2022 insurance industry outlook

2022 commercial real estate outlook

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