2013-2014 Compensation survey report of executives in China's A-share companies

The report used survey data from companies listed at the A-share market by December 31, 2013, covering 13 industries including mining, communication & culture, real estate, etc. According to the report, total labor cost made up for 7.5% of A-share companies’ operating revenue in average, while the number reaching 7.3% in 2012 and 6.9% in 2011. The highest compensation paid to executives at A-share companies averaged at RMB 810,500, a 5.4% increase compared with RMB 768,700 in 2012. In general, the pay level in banking & insurance, real estate and wholesale & retail trade took lead across all industries. Moreover, down by three consecutive years, the internal pay equity index among industries ranged from 1.51 to 2.28 in average. Wholesale & retail trade witnessed the greatest disparity in executive compensation, while that in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry & fishing and banking & insurance largely decreased in comparison with 2012. The report also indicated that executives in South China still enjoyed the highest payment in the country, and Guangdong had strengthened its advantage against Beijing and Shanghai.

(Simplified Chinese version only)
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