From Insight to Impact, Finance in a Digital World


The seminar will be held from 27th Nov.2017 to 1st Dec.2017 separately in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing.

Finance Shared Service has been considered as an optimal solution for organizations to enhance risk management level, and improve operational efficiency. In China, establishing a Finance Shared Service Center (FSSC) is no longer a new fashion but an inevitable trend and the most effective and efficient measure to drive finance transformation. 

However, setting up a FSSC is the least adequate. Some pioneers are pursuing a “lights-out” model for operational finance, where some core processes happen through automation and robotics. 

What is Robotic Process Automation? How could the RPA drive business? Will the smart machines eventually replace human beings?

Caught up in the day-to-day challenges of Finance—data governance, fragmented systems, manual processes and reconciliations—many FSSC Heads have little time to envision the efficiencies a cognitive future could deliver. And yet, forward-thinking finance innovators are exploring that future today.

For the organizations just stepping into finance shared service, there are much more to be prepared as the new digital era is growing at the speed that we can never imaging. 

We sincerely invite you to attend “Finance in a Digital World, When FSSC Met RPA” seminar, which will be held from 27th. Nov to 1st.Oct. The seminar will focus on how to establish and transform FSSC under the background of Robotic Process Automation and cognitive technology upgrade, inspiring you to start learning, experiment, and figure out the usage of FSSC with RPA. The goal, as with any finance technology initiative, is to create a more efficient, insightful, and controlled finance function. Financial experts with rich practical experience, technology experts with in-depth understanding of FSSC system, and senior tax experts from Deloitte will share with you the best and latest practice in digitalizing FSSC. We will assist you to step ahead and lead the future! You will also have chance to visit Deloitte GDC (Global Delivery Center) located in Chongqing.

Our key sharing include:

  • Future trend and as-is status of Global Finance shared service: the latest achievement of 2017 Deloitte SSC Global Survey and the digital evolution of SSC from top finance innovators
  • Real-life case of digital finance: the newest application of RPA, cognitive technology and smart machine in FSSC
  • Integrated FSSC solution: full-set solution of FSSC design, system implementation and roll out in digital times
  • Tax digitalization in FSSC: the latest practice of tax digitalization in FSSC

Arrangement Details:

The seminar will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing separately (details see below). We believe it is unmissable for CFO and senior financial experts/executives, and we sincerely invite you to select and attend the session which is the best match for you. 

  • Shenzhen:27th Nov 2017 (Monday) 13:30—17:00
    Meeting Room3, 15/F, China Resources Building, 5001 Shennan Road East
  • Beijing:29th Nov 2017 (Wednesday) 13:30—17:00
    Meeting Room2, 6/F, #1 Xinglong International Building, 18 Qinian Avenue
  • Shanghai:30th Nov 2017 (Thursday) 13:30—17:00
    Meeting Room2, 6/F, #7 KIC, 500 Zhengli Road
  • Chongqing:1st Dec 2017 (Friday) 13:30—17:00
    Room 701, 36/F, Deloitte Tower, #8 Corporate Avenue,10 Ruitian Road

Attendee: CFO, CIO, FSSC Head

Language: Mandarin

Fee: free of charge


Registration and enquiries:

Scan QR code on right hand side for registration. Registration deadline is 22th Nov 2017.

Each company can register for 3 people in maximum, seats are limited, sign up ASAP.





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Seminar Organizer: 

Maggie Yang
Deloitte Consulting FSSC service Leading Partner
Tel: +86 186 0008 3509

Michael Jin
Deloitte Consulting FSSC service Director
Tel: +86 186 2100 0051