Leadership Services

Developing leaders to achieve the unexpected

Deloitte Leadership is a business consultancy that unlocks the power of leadership. Addressing the complexity and constant change that organisations face today, we demonstrate a new way of thinking about leadership identification and development.


Most businesses will meet expectations.

Some will exceed them.

Only a few will achieve the unexpected.

The special few will have one thing in common…

Leaders ready to achieve the unexpected. 

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We believe that leadership is a business capability. It can be measured, it drives financial performance, and, most importantly, it can be taught. Deloitte Leadership combines 25 years of research and experience assessing and developing senior leaders globally, with market-leading assessment methodology and IP that helps clients to address real issues related to their culture and leadership. In doing so, we help customers to achieve higher revenue, greater innovation and change readiness. In fact, organisations with the right leaders are up to three times more likely to outperform peers financially. Where-as those with ineffective leadership, experience a nearly 20% equity discount.

Our clients choose Deloitte because we bring deep industry expertise and understanding of different business environments. We know the right questions to ask to help them uncover the various challenges their future leaders must address now, to succeed in the Future of Work. 

Meet our people

  • Andrew Warneck
  • Samuel Tsang
  • Seth De Grow
  • Brett Lee
  • Jordan Lumley



  • Executive readiness; ensuring our clients have the right people with the right skills and potential to lead at the very top and fulfil senior leader succession plans. We take a rigorous, yet versatile approach to leadership assessment that addresses critical talent challenges.
  • Transformational leadership; ensuring mid to senior level leaders are prepared for the demands of the future and can lead in a digital lead and global world. Developing future leaders isn't just about putting them through programs. We know the critical importance of supporting them with the right organisational context, a workplace environment that encourages knowledge sharing, risk taking and growth.
  • Building leadership pipeline; ensuring clients are able to spot diverse talent very early in their career to fast track their capability to think and act like expert leaders


Bottom-line benefits

Our Leadership Services professionals help organisations to:

  • Build a sustainable pipeline of high-potential leaders
  • Align leadership development investments with business strategy
  • Identify on-the-job developmental experiences that build key leadership capabilities
  • Develop networks that encourage mentorship and build connections for emerging leaders that cross multiple functions and business units
  • Create learning programs designed specifically to accelerate on-the-job learning and leverage networks
  • Increase return on investment of leadership development expenditures
  • Use technology to provide development experiences at anytime, worldwide
  • Measure the impact of their investments


Leadership Services in action

  • A leading health care system wanted to understand how it could achieve a better ROI from its leadership development activities. We led a series of seven workshops with senior clinical, business and HR leaders to envision the leadership development future state, including strategy, framework, operating model, governance, funding structures and ROI measures. The client is currently implementing the new strategy and expects to save several million dollars over the next three years. In addition they expect a better ROI from investments due to less duplication and stronger ties between leadership development and strategic goals.
  • A global financial services company needed to create a rolling pool of high-potential employees who would rotate through cross-functional and global jobs to develop the managerial capabilities needed to assume top positions. We helped our client design major aspects of the global development program, select high-potential employees and measure individual and organization success. As a result, the company expects to save nearly $400,000 for each general manager position filled with qualified internal candidates.
  • A global beverage company wanted to identify, develop and expand the capabilities of middle managers located around the world to prepare them to advance within the organization. We helped the company establish, manage and execute the development project, including needs assessment, communications and high-level course design. At the end of our engagement, the program was transferred to the client project manager, allowing the company to own and deliver its own proprietary program.
  • As part of its new operational strategy, the internal consulting group of a global healthcare company needed to quickly develop its employees’ abilities to advise the business on strategic IT projects. We helped the organization design and develop an instructor-led consulting skills program and interactive simulation. This “boot-camp” program was delivered to more than 150 participants across the US, Germany and Singapore over a three year period, equipping a large proportion of the workforce with the capabilities needed to successfully execute the group’s new strategy.