Enterprise Transformation in Disrupted Technology Era

Deloitte Innovation Forum Invites You to Experience Advanced Enterprise Management Solutions

27 April 2018 | Shanghai

In the era of technology disrupted world, business are impacted by Internet, big data and AI. However, many enterprises are still in the primary stage of exploration and study on their way of transformation and innovation.

Deloitte will host an innovation forum on "Enterprise Transformation in Disrupted Technology Era" on April 27th in Shanghai. Senior partners & directors specializing in innovation services will present solutions for advanced enterprise management, to help enterprises save cost and enhance efficiency with intelligent methods.

The topics mentioned below will provide advanced management methods and practice guidance for enterprise functions of management, strategy, operation, finance, data management, etc.

Innovation Keynote and Assets Sharing

  • Digital Trends and Challenges of China: The keynote speaker will use data and real example to analyse digitalization trends and sort out challenges and changes that Chinese traditional industries are facing in the current digital world.
  • Deloitte Intelligent Service: RPA is a new form of technology based on software robot or AI process automation, achieving automatically operation and supporting efficient business processes. It is mainly applied in areas where costs of manual operation are high or efficiency are low, such as tackling data or information of a large scale in a multi-business interface. 
  • The 4th Report: The 4th report is a customer-focus, non-financial data based report to perform enterprise value assessment through 3 dimensions, including customers, products and channels, so as to provide deeper insight on client's business growth or transformation.
  • Smart Cube: Deloitte's SMART CUBE is the smart manufacturing product that enable quick maturity assessment and efficient strategy design. 
  • Mobile Social CRM: Social CRM Platform, which applies cloud deployment, can integrate with mainstream CRM products to help clients achieve socializing customer relationship management, expand customer touchpoints of enterprises, enhance customer interaction, improve customer experience and satisfaction, support marketing efficiency, promote productivity and resource allocation efficiency within enterprises.

Event Details

Date: Friday, April 27th, 2018

Time: 1:30pm – 5:00pm

Venue: Mega Room, 3F, W Shanghai – The Bund, No.66, Lvshun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Language: Chinese

Registration fee: Free



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