Japanese Services Group

As one-stop business advisor for Japanese companies in China

Japanese companies operating in China face various challenges. Achieving success in this market means managing communications effectively across diverse cultures, languages, and geographic boundaries. Our Japanese Services Group (JSG) in China addresses these important issues with a perspective accumulated from years of experience.

JSG China operates as a part of Global JSG under Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, one of the leading professional service networks in the world with 244,000 people of its member firm in nearly 150 countries. These global ties allow us to offer a worldwide service to Japanese businesses, with a truly multi-cultural, multi-national, and multi-disciplinary mind-set.

JSG China has about 330 people fluent in Japanese-Chinese and/or Japanese-English who combine their professional experience with a careful consideration for Japanese culture and customs. They are closely working with, and supported by Japanese accountants and consultants from our member firm in Japan. Professional Japanese expatriates are posted in major cities including, Beijing, Tianjin and Dalian in Northern Region; Shanghai and Suzhou in Eastern Region; Guangzhou and Shenzhen as well as Hong Kong in Southern Region. JSG provides incomparable one-stop total service to Japanese companies by bringing together high quality expertise from Audit, Consulting, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory Services and Tax & Legal that meets the unique service needs of each Japanese company. As an added-value service, JSG also distributes publications and newsletters, and organizes seminars to provide valuable updated information that is essential to Japanese companies in managing their businesses in this market at all times.

The JSG China management team is led by Satoshi Miura, Takeshi Harai, Junichi Yamanobe, Akihiro Matsuyama and senior advisory partners Paul Siu, Rosa Yang and Dennis Chow. They ensure that our services are of the highest standard.

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