Pharmaceutical R&D Trends in China


Pharmaceutical R&D Trends in China

Opportunity and Influence for Localized Development

"Pharmaceutical R&D Trends in China: Opportunity and Influence for Localized Development" is developed by Deloitte China Life Sciences and Health Care Industry. As China’s government continues to face gaps in the quality of and access to healthcare—in addition to the growing burdens of population size, ageing and utilization on the existing system—one strategy will be continued support for the local R&D industry. This report delves into the current status as well as future trends of China pharmaceutical R&D industry, and explains the strategic implications for multinational pharmaceutical companies, who should consider more localized R&D approaches to address new opportunities and challenges.

The viewpoints / key findings

An accelerating shift in China’s R&D landscape is already leading to increased R&D capabilities of local players, more competition for innovative programs and larger uncertainties for the regulation of clinical studies of overseas compounds. They are collectively challenging MNC pharmas’ traditional, global-centric R&D models and creating a strong impetus for change

China's evolving landscape provides an array of alternative collaboration models for MNC pharmas to leverage new and emerging local capabilities. MNC pharmas must select or craft alternative models based on the mix of capabilities they have and need as well as their overall strategies for China.

Alternate models based on partnerships have the best chance of navigating such a dynamic landscape via increased local leaders’ capabilities on multiple fronts. To make the most out of partnerships, however, decision-makers need to adopt a more balanced investment approach, access targeted capabilities and employ robust governance structures.

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