China senior care industry – Now and the future


2014 Deloitte Entrepreneur Forum: China senior care industry – Now and the future

26 November 2014, Shanghai

In 2013, 9.7% of people in China, namely 132 million are over 65 years old. It is forecasted that China's elderly population is expected to grow by more than 8 million per year, according for 30.8% of China's total population by 2050. Compared to an average rate of 2.5% in the world, china is aging at the rate of 3.3%. It was not until a few years ago when the problem of an ageing population emerged and has drawn more and more attention in recent years. Modernization has weakened the traditional function of “family support” for the elderly. Meanwhile, the institutions cannot meet the diversified needs from the elderly. As the population of elderly in China grows at an accelerating rate, senior care is classified by many businesses as “sunrise industry” and subsequently. At present, the community endowment services and infrastructure are in serious shortage of beds and pension, lacking of functions. It is difficult to provide care for nursing, medical rehabilitation, spiritual comfort aspects of service. This appeals to the aging service industry manufacturers, investors, developers and operators, given with rare opportunities of market access and expansion. You may be an entrepreneur, investors or different professionals – No matter which industry we come from, China's population policy and future worth to be concerned.

At the forum, industry leading groups and experts were invited to address speeches with panel discussion to explore the opportunities and challenges together with all the participants.  Our thought leadership focusing on this topic was also launched.







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Keynote Speech
Zhong Shu VP, Shanghai Forte Land Co., Ltd.


Keynote Speech
Representative from Poly Group


Deloitte Senior Housing Thought Leadership Release
Yvonne Wu, Managing Partner, Deloitte China Life Sciences and Health Care


Tea Break


CEO Panel I – Senior living strategy in times of uncertainty
Senior care industry entrepreneur representative
Senior care industry experts
Government sociology professor
Deloitte partners


CEO Panel II – Capitals' profit model of entering senior care industry
Senior care industry entrepreneur representative
Industry investor representatives
Senior care industry experts
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