2012 China Auto Finance Report

Deloitte Automotive Practice in collaboration with Min Sheng Bank developed 2012 China Auto Finance Report. Auto finance, which is a vital part of the automotive industry value chain, plays a key role in driving the development of automotive industry and promoting automobile consumption. As the world's largest new car market, China's automobile aftermarket - includes auto finance, still in start period. A wide gap exists in terms of both market size and maturity compared with  those in developed markets.

The scope of the report covers most auto finance business areas such as wholesale automobile finance, automobile consumer finance, car rental and used car finance etc.. Through studying on key players (such as commercial banks, auto finance companies, auto dealers, auto rental companies, the third-party service providers, used car dealers, etc.) and their business model, the report provide insights about the current development status and outlook of China's auto finance industry.

(Simplified Chinese version only)
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