State of China Manufacturing (2013 Q2)

Exploring the “Gold Mine" in Manufacturing

By combining three levels of analysis covering macroeconomics to sub-industries, the report intends to provide readers with a more timely and accurate view on the state of China's manufacturing sector, revealing early signals for upcoming demand surge and/or changing market direction.

The report is comprised of three parts:

  • Macro-economy indicators: Tracking and interpreting key macro-economy indicators such as GDP, industrial added value, M2 and PMI to clarify the direction of macro-economy
  • Government policies: Compiling and interpreting the latest government policies from top administration conferences, the central bank and key ministries, including monetary, fiscal and industry-specific policies
  • Key downstream sectors and sub-industries: Understanding the performance of key downstream sectors and mega consumption trends and deep diving into the 51 manufacturing relevant sub-industries based on the financial performance of 734 listed companies
(Simplified Chinese version)
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