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Deloitte Consulting is continually listed as Representative Vendor in 2016 Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Application Services in China

Deloitte Consulting is continually listed as a representative vendors in the ‘2016 Gartner: The Market Guide for Enterprise Application Services, China’ Report! This document will help sourcing managers select application service providers that are a best fit for their organization's needs in China.

Instead of the Magic Quadrant for the enterprise application service provider in China published in previous years, Gartner continuously evaluated 18 major players in this year Market Guide from MNC to local firms. The study not only covers the traditional ERP solutions, but also domains on Business Intelligence (BI), Customer relationship management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and other enterprise application domains. The market research and analysis for Cloud and digital services are also included in this year's key findings. You can find Key vertical industries, Key partnerships/certifications and Key investments, innovations and priorities in 2016 for each players. The report pointed that information management and analytics are becoming a must-have requirement in enterprise application service provider evaluation.

Gartner is a global leading independent IT research and advisory company. With one of the largest global benchmarking databases, its ranking is highly influential and widely accepted by enterprises as one of the most authoritative sources of technology related insights and assessment. Meanwhile, technology related service contributed about 50% of revenue income to Deloitte Consulting in recent years.

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