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Deloitte Tianjin enters into strategic cooperation agreement with TEDA

On 17 April 2015, Deloitte Tianjin office signed the Memorandum of Understanding and Investment and Financing System Innovation Advisory Service Agreement with the Management Committee of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area (TEDA).

According to the Agreement, Deloitte will serve as the long-term advisor on regional strategic development of TEDA and provide structured services regarding investment attraction, financial services improvement, interpretation of national investment and financing policies, as well as internal management and operations. Deloitte will also provide customized services per TEDA's demands including research on the innovation of investment and financing system, and come up with suggestions on TEDA's financial channel expansion, financial potential exploration and PPP financing model, focusing on horizontal comparison with the advanced areas and characteristic innovation. By leveraging its extensive resources and expertise, Deloitte can help TEDA to get valuable insights on the reform of investment and financing to clear up confusions about existing financing policies. Since TEDA is a strategic client of Deloitte Tianjin, the cooperation agreement between TEDA and Deloitte will play a crucial role in the firm's future cooperation with government and client pursuing.  

The Agreement was signed under the witness of Mr. Wang Sheng, Secretary of Party Committee of the Management Committee of TEDA (Nangang Industrial Zone); Mr. Shi Yang, Vice Director of the Management Committee of TEDA (Nangang Industrial Zone); Ronald Chao, Deloitte China's Development, Integration and Alignment Leader; Jason Su, Managing Partner of Tianjin office and Richard Zhao, Partner of Financial Advisory Services.

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