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Deloitte recognized as A-class Accounting Firm in Shanghai

Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants (hereinafter referred to as SHICPA) announced the classification of accounting firms in December 2014, among which Deloitte was recognized as “A-class Accounting Firm" in Shanghai. The classification of accounting firms is based on the metrics including professional ethics, quality of practice, internal governance and comprehensive management of the accounting firms incorporated in Shanghai, including the branches set up in Shanghai by the accounting firms incorporated in other provinces and cities. It was reviewed and assessed by SHICPA which defines the categories of accounting firms. Accounting firms are classified on a scale of A to D with A being the highest rank.The recognized A-class accounting firms shall be reviewed once every 5 years.

Deloitte was recognized as "A-class Accounting Firm" by SHICPA in November 2012. Since such classification was implemented in 2006, Deloitte has been rated as “A-class Accounting Firm”. Click here to read SHICPA's announcement (in Simplified Chinese only).

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