China real estate investment handbook 2013 edition


China real estate investment handbook 2013 edition

The details that make a difference

We are pleased to release the China real estate investment handbook 2013 edition. In the last year, we have seen a change of leadership in China, and a series of additional government measures introduced prior to the leadership change, which aimed to further cooling down the overheated real estate market. However, upward pressure continues to be exerted as a result of the local governments' heavy reliance on the real estate sector as a source of funding through revenues from land auctions and taxes collected on property transactions.

The 2013 edition summarises the updates on taxation and accounting treatments for real estate investment, to keep you informed of key changes, risks and opportunities that you should be aware of. We have also included some new insights that should be of interest to you. They are:

  • further elaboration on alternative financing channels including property trusts, property funds, bonds, offshore RMB REITs and business trusts, which have recently been identified as a new means of overseas fund raising
  • a new chapter providing insights on common tax issues faced by property developers and investors
  • a new chapter on development of the Taiwan real estate market and regulations
  • outbound investment opportunities and considerations; and
  • use of information technology.
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