Deloitte Enterprise Risk - Issue 10

Integration of informatization and industrialization – Driving force for industrial age 4.0

Published: August 2015

Our series of Deloitte Enterprise Risk brings together Deloitte's leading knowledge, experience and distinctive insights through years of professional services in the area of enterprise risk.

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This issue of Deloitte Enterprise Risk focuses on the recent hot topic "Integration of informatization and industrialization". "Integration of informatization and industrialization" is a high level in-depth integration. It is a brand new way for industrialization, in which informatization drives industrialization and industrialization boosts informatization. Its essential is bracing and pushing industrialization through informatization, eventually achieving a sustainable developing mode. China is targeting to becoming an advanced industrial power in 2045 through three 10-year action plans.

In this feature, we invited related personnel from Deloitte's client to share their experience and thoughts from their companies' real experience of developing the management mechanism of integration of informatization and industrialization. Experts from Deloitte also introduce the integration from different perspective such as strategy, industry and implementation. Besides, Deloitte expert makes in-depth introduction of these two key concepts: "Industrialization" and "informatization".

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Study room

In addition, this issue also includes the following articles:

  • Recovery of reputation – Manage reputation risk via crisis management
    This article introduced the key findings of a survey of Deloitte, including the cause of reputation risk, responsible party, impact, action plan etc.
  • Cloud security
    Starting with recent iCloud leakage incident, the article introduces how to deal with cloud security issues.
  • Study on how to set up the management system of integration of informatization and industrialization
    Experts from MIIT give profound introduction on how to set up the management system.

Internal control practices

Topics covered are as follows:

  • Internal control practices (13) – Payroll management
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