Deloitte Enterprise Risk - Issue 8

Contract risk and compliance: Extending the power of enterprises, protecting commercial interests

Our series of Deloitte Enterprise Risk brings together Deloitte's leading knowledge, experience and distinctive insights through years of professional services in the area of enterprise risk.

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This issue of Deloitte Enterprise Risk focuses on the contract and compliance risks in various processes, including patent management, software asset management, project management, supply chain management etc., and proposes the corresponding response plans. It also reveals Deloitte's in-depth survey report on auto dealer risks. In addition, it introduces the development and transformation of Taiwan franchisees in Mainland China, intelligent mobile device risk management solutions and the latest COSO framework.

Patent wars stretching worldwide: Patents and royalties verification and management

With the arrival of the "knowledge economy" era, patent disputes are intensifying around the world. Intellectual property protection has become important for countries to occupy or protect their global market share and thus, both authorizers and authorized manufacturers are advised to strengthen the management & protection of their intellectual property. This article provides an overview of the definition of patents and royalties, patent management risks, response plans and key points of royalty management.

How to build a best practice model of enterprise software asset management

In recent years, intellectual property protection agencies are paying more attention to the use of licensed software in companies. It is becoming a substantive issue for companies to implement software asset management to reduce the related risks. This article describes the essential of software asset management with regards to its scope and its relationship with the company's business operations. It also examines the approach combining software asset management and business processes.

Project contract risk management for the construction party

Construction project contracts involve multi-contractors and complicated contractual matters. How to prevent and control the risks through project contracts is an important topic in construction project management. This article analyzes contract management risks from six aspects and provides suggestions on corresponding responses, including the establishment of a contract management information system, risk transfer by purchasing insurance or subcontracting and establishment of the risk early warning system. In particular, it focuses on the importance of setting up early warning indicators and weight calculation of the indicators.

2013 China Automobile Dealers Risk Survey and Research

This report, which draws upon the insight from Deloitte's in-depth interviews and questionnaires among various types of brand car dealers and dealership groups in China's automotive distribution industry, describes the overall profitability, business model, cost management, treasury management of the industry and the corresponding risks, with the support of detailed numerical and graphical data.

A new area in Contract Risk and Compliance Services: Media audit

A media audit is a process through which post-assessment on advertising effectiveness is carried out by evaluating the media purchase price or cost per thousand people. Media audit is a young industry, beginning in the UK and growing in Europe, with the US being the world's most promising market currently. This article provides an overview of its development, features and common risks associated; it also highlights Deloitte's media audit services.

How to create a flexible and responsive supply chain: Supply chain risk assessment and management

An "extended enterprise" is a strategic partnership among supply chain members aiming at improving efficiency. This article examines the risk and response plan in supply chain management related to forming an extended enterprise, from risk identification and risk assessment to compliance assessment and the development of relevant control procedures.

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A multivariate perspective from Deloitte experts

The development and transformation of Taiwan franchisees in Mainland China

Based on the findings from interviews with 30 CEOs from the service industry and questionnaires to Taiwan franchisees, as well as insight from forums with experts from the service and catering industries, this article introduces the business performance and the upcoming challenges facing Taiwan franchisees in Mainland China from three different aspects, namely policy support, industry structure and business operations, aiming to identify the most urgent priorities for Taiwan franchisees and the trend of operations in the future. 

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Intelligent mobile device security management

With mobile devices and wireless networks becoming more embedded in employees' daily activities, how to respond to related risks is an important part of enterprise risk management. Our IT experts examine the trend of intelligent mobile devices and the related risks, with suggestions on how to set up a framework for mobile device security.

Internal control update: COSO strengthens the 2013 internal control integrated framework

On 14 May 2013, COSO released an updated version of its internal control system - The 2013 Internal Control - Integrated Framework. This article introduces the specific content of this update, including 17 new principles and the new internal control system assessment mechanism. Additionally, this article presents an overview of the conversion period and the conversion guide provided by COSO to companies.

Internal control practices

Topics covered are as follows:

Internal control practices (11): Financial final account (II) Consolidated financial statement

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