Deloitte Successfully Supported the Sanya Urban (Regional) internationalization and Sustainable Development Forum Closed

An Excellent Speech delivered by Cindy Hook, CEO of Deloitte Asia Pacific

Deloitte has been successfully supported the Sanya Urban (Regional) Internationalization and Sustainable Development Forum on December 11th 2020. The theme of the forum is “Urban (Regional) internationalization and Sustainable Development”, which mainly focusing on urban internationalization, technology and environment, humanity and community etc. Nearly 100 leaders of enterprises, research institutes and governments participated in the forum.

Cindy Hook, the CEO of Deloitte Asia Pacific, share her viewpoints through video. She focused on the theme of “Inheritance and development of urban culture”, introduced Deloitte’s current business development and key global strategy.

  • ‘Tilt to Asia’ is the key global strategy of Deloitte. Deloitte will expand its presence in Asia, particularly in China, to help clients seize opportunities;
  • Deloitte takes proactive steps in solving the climate change crisis and dedicate to create solutions that facilitate climate transition;
  • The world is undergoing rapid urbanization. Deloitte’s smart city solutions will provide people with a better life.

In this Forum, we appreciated Yvonne Wu (Partner of Risk Advisory), Allan Xie (Partner of Risk Advisory), and Eden Shen (Director of Risk Advisory) excellent speeches and views shared in this forum. Also, we want to thanks Eddie Yan (Partner of Business and Tax) presided the communication session and discussed over a number of topics.

We would like to inspire more discussions of Urban (Regional) Internationalization and Sustainable Development through this Forum. In the future, Deloitte also hope to initiate collaboration and communication with different industries and specialists to promote the digitization of industry, economic development, international city operation, and sustainable development.

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