Rebuilding Treasury Centers to Enable Value-creating Treasury Management in the context of Globalized Operations (2018 Dedicated Seminar)

On the afternoon of 13 November, 2018, a seminar on Rebuilding Treasury Centers to Enable Value-creating Treasury Management in the context of Globalized Operations was held in Beijing. The seminar was sponsored by Deloitte Business Risk Advisory Treasury team. The seminar invited the National Development Bank, Taikang Health Industry Investment Holding Co., Didi, China Grand Enterprises, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. and China Aluminum International Trading Co. as well as more than other 20 well-known enterprises to jointly discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by treasury. In-depth discussion was held on how to improve the risk management and efficiency of fund use through the treasury centers, to mitigate the capital risk, and improve working capital efficiency; as well as the capital structure, financial risks, investment and financing management, foreign exchange exposures, transparency of risk exposure in cash and finance, investment return, capital reinvestment, capital cost and risk sensitivity.

Attendees at the event

The seminar was presided over by Ms. Yu Yun, a partner in Deloitte Business Risk Consulting. Deloitte Treasury Expert-Director Mr. Zhang Libing and Mr. Wong Keong Fatt, as well as General Manager of Kyriba China, Ms. Zhu Yunting, were the guest speakers. The seminar discussed the following hot topics:

  • New trends in global treasury development
  • Building a treasury center and global funding pool to support business development
  • Establishing effective risk prevention tools to improve risk avoidance
  • Building a supply chain finance framework, improving working capital liquidity and creating value
  • Global Treasury management system—Kyriba cloud platform application and display


Photo on left: Ms. Yu Yun introduced the “value creation” treasury management
Photo on right: Ms Yu Yun and Ms Zhu Yunting answer the relevant questions on treasury management

As for treasury, it is not only necessary to "manage funds" to control cash flow, but also to balance and redistribute the cash and capital of enterprises from a strategic point of view to achieve "managed capital". In the process of transformation, the integration of industry finance and taxation and the management of capital and capital based on shared service centers and treasury centers have aroused heated discussion among the representatives of various companies, opening up new ideas for the development of various industries in the process of internationalization.

Deloitte, as a professional service organization, will continue to be committed to its service philosophy, aiming to offer suggestions and insights and provide more targeted services. In addition, it will help various enterprises establish the right treasury management systems as well as finance sharing centers, creating real value within the group.

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