The 3rd Deloitte China Risk Intelligence Awards

Result announcement

Deloitte announced the winners of the 3rd Deloitte China RI Awards, and released the White Paper that summarizes the best practices of the 25 award-winning companies & the findings from its survey of Chinese enterprises on their state of risk management.

  • 25 companies with stellar performance in risk management win the awards
  • Among 10 garner special awards of the year
  • Research reveals many Chinese enterprises can integrate risk management and corporate governance enhancement with corporate strategy, demonstrating outstanding risk intelligence management


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Chinese Enterprise Risk Management White Paper

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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Event retrospect

Enterprise Mine Sweeping Handbook

Corporate leaders always encounter various risk minefields. Fast changing technology with insufficient interdepartmental communication, complex bureaucratic investment project establishment procedures with unsatisfying profits, multiple capital accounts with troublesome account management…Corporate leaders are often vexed about the risk minefields in the daily operations. Risk expert Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services now provide seven professional tips to help corporate leaders sweep the risk minefields. 

Please click here to view the article 'Enterprise Mine Sweeping Handbook' on ENN Weekly’s website (Chinese only).

Event Achievements

During the event, Deloitte China Risk Intelligence Award collaborated with two major media, Finance & Nation Weekly and Sina Finance, and issued a series of related publications.

Economy & Nation Weekly

A special column had been opened by Economy & Nation Weekly for us to publish and share our risk management experience through the Economy & Nation Weekly's weibo account 'Economy & Nation Weekly'. We also opened a special column for the Awards on its official website throughout the award period.

Click here for Economy & Nation Weekly special column – The 3rd Deloitte China Risk Intelligence Awards (in Chinese only).

Economy & Nation Weekly weibo:

Risk Tip

Special reports for shortlisted enterprises

Sina Finance

A special column "Deloitte Risk Management" has been opened by Sina Finance to post Deloitte’s risk management articles contributed by ERS risk management experts.

Please click here for Deloitte Risk Management special column at Sina Finance.

Risk management articles already published: