Deloitte & Mox Bank: How virtual banks are shaping the future of banking industry in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority's smart banking initiative aims to "help the banking sector to rise to a higher level and embrace the enormous opportunities brought about by the convergence of banking and technology, thereby improving the quality of banking products and services for customers." As consumers become more tech-savvy, the virtual banking sector has become a real game-changer.

As we proceed to the future of banking, virtual banking will need to harness emerging technologies and remain resilient to adapt to evolving customer expectations. Through a dialogue between Peony Wu, Chief Customer Officer at Mox Bank, and Patrycja Oselkowska, Partner at Deloitte Digital, we explore how Mox harnesses Salesforce technologies to acquire and engage the smart customer and deliver a range of services through strong customer experience.

How can virtual banks attract customers and remain competitive? Learn how Mox Bank and Deloitte thrive through challenging times to succeed in a changing business environment.

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