Business Model Optimization

Reviewing the business model. Why do it? What does it involve?

Well managed companies regularly review their "business model", critically assessing how the model is operating, and making necessary adjustments and enhancements. At the same time, they also consider the viability and sustainability of alternative operating models. Optimising a business model can be a mere revision to, or enhancement of, a small facet of the business, but it can also involve a paradigm shift in the way in which business is conducted. We have seen such paradigm shifts becoming more common over the last 15 years due to dramatic advances in technology, communications, logistics and transportation.

In this booklet, we explain why taxes are always key when considering changes to business models. We also provide a roadmap for companies that wish to undertake a thorough review of their business models from the tax viewpoint.

Download the sample pages below or reach out to our Deloitte Tax professional and Business Model Optimisation team for further discussion.

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