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Impact of Coronavirus to multinationals

Special Edition
Impact of Coronavirus to multinationals

20 February 2020
Host: Hong Ye
Presenters: Wei Heng Jia and Cecille Yang

The coronavirus outbreak in China is having a global effect. Many multinationals, whether they have subsidiaries in China or not, are facing supply chain breakdown, loss of revenue, disruption of business due to international traveling restriction and measures to protect employee safety. We will discuss a few things that may be of the interest of businesses:

  • Chinese government's tax relief measures in the areas of corporate income tax, indirect tax and Customs.
  • Tax considerations when businesses look for solutions to mitigate the impact of this event or future similar events.
  • Individual Income Tax and immigration matters.
  • Labor issues such as the treatment of the employees who are under self-quarantine, termination of employee under the local law, and salary reduction or post adjustment.

Understand these hot topics from Deloitte specialists and be prepared to deal with the impact of coronavirus outbreak on your organization.

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