Deloitte Insight Tax - Corporate Compliance System ("CCS")


In the era of Big Data, tax administration keeps abreast of the times. How should companies respond? Deloitte Insight Tax - Corporate Compliance System (CCS) is now officially launched to assist to tackle the challenges. An efficient approach will not just help you fulfill the annual filing with higher quality and lower cost, but better serve you in human resource allocation and upgrade the financial and tax business of your company.

What is CCS?

CCS, shorthand for “Corporate Compliance System”, is an effective and efficient EIT filing and risk control system software especially designed for EIT annual filing and EIT related risk management. The workflow of CCS is illustrated as follows:

The Value of CCS

CCS is a little helper in EIT annual filing and risk control with greater efficiency, integrity and vision.

Greater efficiency is achieved via high automation throughout the CCS procedure, including data mapping, calculation, return generation, filing and submission, risk analysis, data tracking, etc.

Greater integrity is ensured through a reliable and complete electronic archive of historical financial data, tax adjustments and feedback from tax authorities.

Greater vision is gained as CCS generates a Deloitte risk alert report with intuitive tax indicators one step ahead of the data analysis conducted by the tax authorities. Companies can thus stay on top of their tax status with time advantage.  


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