Deloitte Tax Championship Feedback

What the judges, teachers and students say

Judges and reviewers

We were impressed with the remarkable performance of the students, who have shown much interest and enthusiasm in tax studies. Their performance would serve as a benchmark for other universities preparing a tax curriculum to address the evolving needs of the taxation sector.
- Mr. Zhang Zhiyong, Director of Large Business Taxation Department, State Administration of Taxation

Cases used in the competition are developed from real life business situations, so students need to have a high level of practical skill, analytical ability and problem-solving techniques. If students can demonstrate these abilities and skills during the competition, it bodes well for the development of career education at universities.
- Mr. Lloyd Peng, Manager of Global Tax, Greater China, IBM

We always look for feedbacks from students and teachers and see how we can further develop our Championship. This year (in 2010), for instance, we have included the PhD category for the essay writing competition. With the addition of the PhD group to the Essay Competition this year, we are seeing entries with more profound knowledge of theories and in-depth analysis, supplemented by their vivid presentations during the competition.
- Mr. Joe Fu, Judging Panel Chairman for Essay Competition and Tax Partner, Deloitte China


We hope to express our heartfelt gratitude to Deloitte for hosting the tax championship competition for the past eleven years (in 2014). The competition not only provides immense support to tax education, but also creates a tax knowledge platform for students. The Deloitte Tax Championship is also designed in a way to test the analytical skills and team cooperation of students, while helping students to combine finance and tax knowledge to resolve problems in the simulated business cases. Students should feel inspired by the international and forward looking nature of the questions in the competition.
- Professor Jiang Yunyun, Peking University

We are most delighted to find out that our students have improved their problem-solving skills and integrated ability through their participation in the competition. We thank Deloitte for organising the Tax Championship which not only gives students an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to business practice, but also enhances the status of tax knowledge and the application of tax laws and regulations in the society.
- Professor Ai Hua and Mr. Wu Fan of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Over the years, we have witnessed how the Tax Championship helps enrich the development of the tax curriculum and improve students’ technical skills. It also raises their interest in tax studies and provides an opportunity for them to understand the background and meaning of the tax rules. The simulated cases in the competition have provided huge inspiration to our teachers. We have incorporated case studies in the curriculum for research students. Tax Championship really benefits both teachers and students.
- Mr. Peng Jianbin, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Deloitte Tax Championship is a large-scale and high quality competition with fair and stringent standards. The competition is an interactive platform for the exchange of tax knowledge, topical regulatory issues and practical applications. The competition not only has helped strengthen our tax knowledge, but also allowed students and teachers to meet with their counterparts, government officials, business executives and tax professionals for academic exchange. During the competition, we came to understand the meaning of "knowledge integration and innovation.
- Professor Zhang Haiyan, Tsinghua University


I enrolled in the postgraduate's program after taking part in the competition. The experience gained from the competition affected our studies and research. The challenge of solving the issues in the case study aroused my interest in tax planning and international taxation, and I wanted to further explore these fields.
- Yao Jie, Central University of Finance and Economics

I met many students from the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan at the competition. We exchanged views and learnt about different cultures and knowledge from each other.
- Amas Lee, The University of Hong Kong

I've always been interested in a career in taxation. Having received the Best Paper Award in the competition fueled my determination. I will continue to devote more effort to tax theory research and practice in the years ahead.
- Wang Yiling, Renmin University of China

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