2019 Deloitte Tax Championship FAQ


Q: Are postgraduates to be enrolled in September qualified for the 2019 Championship?

A: Deloitte Tax Championship is only open to the invited universities, and all participants must be full-time students at the time of registration and over the entire period of the competition. Only senior students from the invited universities who are going to enrol as postgraduates in September are qualified for the 2019 Championship.

Q: Can students who participated in the Preliminary Contest, i.e. online competition of the 2018 Championship enrol for the 2019 Championship?

A: To be fair, the rules of Deloitte Tax Championship specify that students who previously participated in the Championship cannot compete in it again. Therefore, students who participated in the Preliminary Contest last year cannot enrol anymore.

Q: Each invited university is allowed to nominate a maximum of 2 teams that must consist of students from different institutes. Is there any proportion requirement for the number of participants from different institutes? And is there any regulation on the formation of a team?

A: Deloitte encourages outstanding students from various institutes to take part in this competition. There is no proportion requirement for participants from different institutes. Students from different institutes can team up freely. They can either form a team within the same institute, or with students from different institutes. Once the registration form is submitted, the members of each team are confirmed and cannot be changed anymore.

Q: Can the invited university nominate 2 teams with students from different faculties if this university only has students from one institute to register for the competition?

A: The invited university can only nominate 1 team if they have no students from different institutes to enrol for the competition.

Competition contents

Q: What is the format of questions for the Preliminary Contest?

A: The format of questions for the Preliminary Contest will include both single-choice and multiple-choice questions.

Q: What language will be mainly used throughout the 2019 Championship?

A: The primary language of the 2019 Championship will be Chinese, but some questions will be prepared in English to test the English proficiency of participants.

Q: Is there any specific period of time for the tax related policies and regulations involved in the 2019 Championship?

A: All effective tax related policies and regulations fall within the examination scope of our championship.

Competition rules

Q: What is the schedule for the Preliminary Contest?

A: The Preliminary Contest will be held on July 7th. Participating students shall log on to the competition platform during the specified time-slot (15 minutes), and finish the online competition within 90 minutes. A detailed guideline regarding the online competition will be sent to students after they have successfully registered for the competition.

Q: Should students finish the online competition as a team or an individual in the Preliminary Contest?

A: Students should finish the online competition individually. Deloitte will decide which teams are qualified for the 2nd round of competition based on the total score of all members in one team.

Q: How will Deloitte monitor the Preliminary Contest of 2019 Deloitte Tax Championship, since it is an online competition?

A: To ensure the authenticity of the competition, and to create a fair and impartial competition environment, we request all participating students of the Preliminary Contest to use computers with a camera.

Q: It is announced that the 2nd round of competition will be held in Deloitte offices. How will that be arranged?

A: Deloitte will arrange qualified teams to attend the 2nd round of competition in different Deloitte offices (in North China, East China, South China, Hong Kong & Macao, and Taiwan) based on the principle of proximity.

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