2015 CleanTech Industry Report


2015 CleanTech Industry Report

Towards a new trend

This report provides the trends and outlook of CleanTech industry. It stated that the proportion of renewable energy on the world's electricity generation gradually increases and China now is facing innovation strategic evolution stage; The adjustment of energy structure and the introduction of the 13th Five-Year Policy will accelerate the development of CleanTech industry; Simultaneously, the capital market for renewable energy return stable; 'Internet +' will be a new business model; ‘Ecological civilization’ are expected to be the new industry direction.

Trends of Five Major Industries

  • Solar Energy Industry: The growth of photovoltaic industry were contributed by policy support and market driven. The high subsidies for this industry turn to low subsidies and scale expansion shift to quality and efficiency. Post power station services develop rapidly.
  • Wind Energy Industry: Wind power will continue to stay in the leading position and gradually enter optimization phase. Subsidiary markets are extending. Operation maybe optimized and diversified with the application of ‘Internet +’ and Big Data.
  • Waste Management Industry: The industry keeps a rapid growth especially in segmented market in China, and be more international and centralized. ‘Internet +’ will help solving the development bottlenecks such as high cost.
  • Water Industry:Water resource is still in shortage. Traditional water treatment such as sewage treatment still pending on improvement. Newly emerging water treatment method such as water cycling are progressing slowly.
  • New Energy Automotive Industry: Capital and government's support enabled the growth of the industry. However, new energy automotive ecosystem needs improvement imperatively. The construction of charging facilities are lagging and the profitability is unclear. Increasing cross industry players will boost the diversity of the competition.

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