Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy formally established

The swift development of mobile communication technology is constantly motivating the business innovation and digital economy to grow. 5G, the Fifth Generation Mobile Communication Technology, will enable a new era of Internet of Everything (IoE) with new network architecture, ten times transmission speed than 4G, sub-millisecond latency and massive connection.

With the advancement of Artificial intelligence(AI), Big data and Edge Computing, etc., the mobile technologies will by integrating 5G, evolve into a general technology platform, so that the industrial internet and new integrated industrial ecosystem such as 5G+smart city, 5G+smart healthcare, 5G+smart manufacturing, 5G+smart transportation, 5G+smart home, and 5G+smart grid, etc., will be nurtured. The upgrading brought by 5G is expected to fully contribute to the digitalization as well as the growing demands for connectivity in various industries.


Establishment background

5G: Reshaping the Industries, which was compiled and published jointly by Deloitte China and China Unicom, has been extending far-reaching influence across the industry since its launch in September 2018.

By leveraging our deep insights into the sectors, Deloitte, in joint efforts with China's telecom operators, equipment suppliers and partners from vertical industries, to dedicate in the innovative research of 5G applied in industry scenarios, will structure a brand new business model for communication industry, thus translating the research results into the drivers of ICT industry and the whole society as well as promoting the digital economic development.  

On top of the future trends and opportunities against the backdrop of digital era ushering drastic progresses, we have formally established the Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy, which links Deloitte's service system of five functions and six industries. Deloitte will act as a top-level designer for telecom players in China's market when they deal with industry clients. Pooling together the cutting-edge technologies, industry insights, capital operation and business

management practice, we are committed to helping our clients win by providing optimum services and solutions to tackle the challenges brought by disruptive technologies.

Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy, which combines production, study and research, is aimed to unite China telecom operators to serve top clients and enable them an overall digital transformation by 5G technologies; moreover, strengthen the partnership with innovators in the market. Therefore, the academy, as Deloitte's new strategic plan to better deploy our industry professionals and innovative insights, is aimed to build an integrated eco-system and role model of 5G application with all-round coverage of the industry.


Core team members

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