Deloitte China Joint Industry Partners Join GSMA 5G Innovation and Investment Group

On September 24th, GSMA announced the launch of the world's first GSMA 5G Innovation and Investment Group in Beijing. The platform was initiated by GSMA and co-organized with twelve co-founding members. Deloitte, as the only one of the Big Four Accounting Firms, joined together with China Mobile Capital, China Telecom Investment, China Unicom Capital, China Mobile Investment, China Broadband Capital, Chenshan Capital, Huawei, ZTE, DFZT Capital, CSDN and Shenzhen Valley Ventures to gather high-quality resources in the mobile communication industry, focusing on the latest technologies and applications, and promoting 5G commercial implementation and landing.

William Chou, Deloitte China Vice-Chair, Taylor Lam, Deloitte China Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry Leader, Tony Hu, Dean of Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy(DNA), and Zhang Yao, Chief Scientist of DNA, were invited to attend, and witnessed the launch of GSMA 5G Innovation and Investment Group with a number of industry experts and representatives of leading investment institutions. At the same time, as Deloitte's representative, Tony Hu participated in the ribbon-cutting with representatives of the founding members, formally opening a new journey of the platform.


Source: GSMA

At present, all countries around the world are promoting the construction and application of 5G in full swing. The United States, South Korea and Japan have issued 5G deployment and investment plans successively to build more base stations to cover more cities. In June 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China officially issued a 5G commercial license. Since then, 5G has entered the first year of commercial use in China. In 2019, the three major domestic operators also plan to invest about 35 billion yuan in 5G related construction, and carry out pilot projects in dozens of cities.

Deloitte has always practiced the 5G strategic concept. Since the establishment of 5G Next Generation Application Academy in May this year, Deloitte has been committed to jointly exploring 5G applications with partners in the ecosystem, pooling enterprise capital and private equity funds to promote the incubation of innovative technology enterprises and the application of new technologies. So far, Deloitte has cooperated with many top enterprises in the industry to explore 5G application scenarios and pilot cases in smart cities, education, manufacturing, retail and other industries. In the future, based on the cooperation opportunities of GSMA 5G Innovation and Investment Group, Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy will work with other members to give full play to the respective advantages, support 5G deep integration application, cultivate a variety of business model innovation, and seize the development opportunities in the wave of disruptive technological era.


Source: GSMA

Taylor Lam said: "The landing of 5G in various downstream scenarios requires the establishment and improvement of the ecosystem and the integration and application of a variety of innovative technologies. We hope to take this opportunity to use Deloitte's advanced internal solutions and enterprise service experiences to work with GSMA and more aspirants, to achieve the goal of 5G enabling industry and promote a new industrial ecology."

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