Age of Mobility


2014 Global Mobile Consumer survey - China edition

Age of mobility

The China edition of Deloitte's Global Mobile Consumer survey provides unique insights into how Chinese consumers in different demographics interact with mobile devices. We asked Chinese consumers broad yet specific set of questions such as how likely they are to subscribe 4G if available in their area, what feature they would use more if carrier network is 3 - 5 times faster, how frequent they change their mobile phones, how many apps they download per month, and how mobile advertisement impacts their buying decision. 

Observations and insights derived from the survey will help operators, device manufactures and organizations in mobile industry to anticipate the opportunities and challenges associated with engaging Chinese customers through digital mobile devices. 

This survey is a part of Deloitte research project conducted across the globe in 2014 covering 19 countries. In China, data was gathered from 2,000 Chinese consumers across four distinct demographics and technology behavior groups.

We are always on the lookout for the rapidly changing consumer behaviors and how they impact our clients’ business dynamics. We hope this report proves to be insightful and we look forward to updating you again on the changes next year to see how mobile consumer behaviors in China have shifted.

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