Post-00s' attitude toward media consumption

Entertainment + Mobility + Sociality + Digitization

The Report

Post-00s' attitude toward media consumption is conducted by Deloitte TMT Industry. As the "digital natives", post-00s have played as the main force of mobile internet consumption. Post-00s, moreover, will also become the core group of media consumers in the next 10 years, consume media content through mobile devices and social media channels, which will also benefit recreation due to the increase of their traffic bonus. Basically, this report will provide reference and valuable insights for media consumption field on the basis of the analysis of the consumer groups of post-00s.


Viewpoints / key findings

Digital media dominates post-00s' entertainments

  • Films, music and games have been identified as the most popular entertainments among post-00s.
  • Post-00s are seen as the internet natives. With the improvement of living standards and the cost reduction brought by technological advancement, internet-connected devices such as smart phones have been widely adopted by post-00s.

Online social networks replace traditional communication ways

  • It is likely that online social has comprehensively replaced face-to-face communication for normal post-00s. Post-00s exhibit strong social needs to expand their social networks. It is necessary for them to enter a well-organized group and obtain the sense of belonging.

Steaming media subscription has been increasing substantially

  • Streaming media has become the fastest-growing type of family subscription. Resources are increasingly being attached with importance for streaming media. The rich storage and latest updates of TV programmes attribute to the main appeals for streaming consumers.

Post-00s aspire strongly for movie consumption

  • Post-00s are showing strong demand for watching movie. They will also play as main power in movie-watching market in the future.
  • Video websites have become the main channel for post-00s to obtain movie information, on the other hand, traditional film promotion ways have gradually lost the influence that they used to be.
  • Mobile devices have taken as the main carrier for the public to watch movies. Post-00s, as a result, are likewise biased in favour of mobile devices significantly.

TV series hold huge appeal for post-00s

  • As the main force of binge-watchers, post-00s are willing to take 4 hours to binge-watch TV series every time.
  • Hardware improvements contribute a lot to the TV-watching experience of post-00s. It will enhance audio-visual effects by employing hardware facilities augmented by high-tech such as artificial intelligence. 

Rethinking the precise of advertising

  • Online social, gaming and video-based online advertising have great impact over the post-00s.
  • However, post-00s are tend to evade ads unless encountering targeted advertising that matches their interests. Generally, lack of mobile advertising precise lead to post-00s' resistance.

Smart phones are the preferred devices for gaming

  • Post-00s are tend to use smart phones as their preferred gaming devices.
  • Among the factors that determine game purchase behavior, players value the feature of sharing most.
  • Game developers should work closely with qualified IP holders to integrate interesting game mechanics, challenging gameplay and unique experiences with IP, and keep updating after game-launching, thus timely delivering players the fresh content. And they can also take advantages of advanced technologies such as AR and AI to enhance gaming experience, creating a more interactive and social environment to increase consumer viscosity.

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