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2021 Deloitte China Now Consumer Fast 10 is now open for application

Program overview

"Deloitte Technology Fast "was founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley and launched in 2005 in China. This program recognizes outstanding companies that continue to innovate and grow at high rates. Considered the program as a benchmark for global fast-growing companies, it takes place simultaneously every year in more than 30 countries.

“Deloitte China Now Consumer Fast 10” is a sub-program of the “2021 Deloitte China Technology Fast Program”. Driven by new technologies such as digital technology, new business models such as the integration of online and offline, and new consumption relationship based on social networks and new media, Now consumption model is developing rapidly, and a number of fast-growing consumer brands have emerged. In this context, 2021 Deloitte China Now Consumer Fast 10 is launched for the first time, aiming to select excellent consumer enterprises with high growth potential.


Benefits for the Winners

  • Enhancing brand eminence
  • Receiving attention from banks and investment institutions
  • Receiving strong support from the local government
  • Attracting talents and boosting the pride of the staff


Eligibility Criteria

China Now Consumer Fast 10

1)In order to be eligible for Now Consumer Fast 10, the companies need:

  • Have its own proprietary intellectual property rights or know-how which generate significant business revenue;
  • Have at least RMB1,000,000 as the business revenue in 2018;
  • Provide audit reports of the years of 2018, 2019 and 2020;
  • Be headquartered in China Mainland, Hong Kong or Macao.
  • Consumer Companies: including Retail/New Retail, Agribusiness, Apparel and Footwear, Food and Beverage, Personal and Household Goods

2)Selection criteria:

  • Revenue growth in the past three fiscal years


Application webpage

You can click here or scan the QR code to register Deloitte China Now Consumer Fast 10

Registration Time & List Announcement

1) Registration Time: July 1, 2021- Aug 8, 2021

2) List Announcement: The list will be announced on the Deloitte Technology Fast Program in mid-November 2021


  • Candidate can apply for both Tech Fast 50 and Now Consumer Fast 10 at same year.
  • All the financial information of the enterprise will be strictly confidential.


More Information

For more details about the Deloitte Technology Fast Program, please visit Deloitte Fast Program or contact  Roy Zhou .


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