Tech Trends 2015

The fusion of business and IT

This year Deloitte released the sixth annual report “Tech Trends 2015 – The Fusion of Business and IT” outlining the top technology forces with the potential to reshape business models, reimagine customer engagement, and change how work gets done.

Across the private and public sectors, business strategy is being transformed by the rapidly changing technology landscape. CIOs and technology professionals have an opportunity to vet, prioritize and invest in fast-paced technology developments. Deloitte’s “Tech Trends 2015” report examines how some of the biggest macro technology forces — digital, analytics, cloud, the renaissance of core systems, cyber security, and the changing role of IT within the enterprise — are enabling historic advancements in business, government, and society. It also examines how they are fueling breakthroughs in materials science, medical science, artificial intelligence, and other exponentially changing domains.

The report offers “Lessons from the Front Lines” highlighting examples of organizations putting the trends to work. It also features a “My Take” section for each trend in which business executive, academic, and industry luminaries share their perspective. In recognition of the increasing importance of cyber security in today’s global world, a “Cyber Implications” section has been added within each chapter which explores potential security and privacy considerations for each trend.

The main 8 trends from “The Fusion of Business and IT” include:

  • Ambient Computing
  • CIO as Chief Integration
  • Dimensional Marketing
  • IT Worker of the Future
  • API economy
  • Software-defined everything
  • Core renaissance
  • Amplified intelligence
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