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The Report

The theme of this year’s Tech Trends report is the symphonic enterprise, an idea that describes strategy, technology, and operations working together, in harmony, across domains and boundaries. This is the ninth edition of Tech Trends, and in a way, it represents the culmination of our dogged efforts to examine the powerful technology forces that are remaking our world. The trends we discussed early on in the series, such as digital, cloud, and analytics, are now embraced across industries. Meanwhile, more recent trends, such as autonomic platforms, machine intelligence, and digital reality, continue to gain momentum.


Main Findings

  • Reengineering technology (Building new IT delivery models from the top down and bottom up)
  • No-collar workforce (Humans and machines in one loop—collaborating in roles and new talent models)
  • Enterprise data sovereignty (If you love your data, set it free)
  • The new core (Unleashing the digital potential in “heart of the business” operations)
  • Digital reality (The focus shifts from technology to opportunity)Blockchain to blockchains (Broad adoption and integration enter the realm of the possible)
  • API imperative (From IT concern to business mandate)
  • Exponential technology watch list (Innovation opportunities on the horizon)
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