Bob Chen

China LSHC Financial Advisory Leader

Bob Chen

Room 1206-1210,

East Building, Central Plaza




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Bob Chen is a partner at Deloitte China, leading the Financial Advisory for China Life Sciences and Health Care Industry.

Bob has 17 years of experience in auditing, due diligence and corporate value assessment, merger and acquisition negotiation support, and has advised over 300 domestic mergers and acquisitions and 60 cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Bob spent 2 years at Deloitte's New York mergers and acquisitions team, completing nearly 20 M&A deals in Deloitte USA.

Bob focused on mergers and acquisitions in life sciences and health care industry, with in-depth professional experience and insights in the industry. He led the roadshow of Deloitte global life sciences and health care M&A activities in mainland China and Hong Kong, and organized and spoke at the  Deloitte event at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. He is committed to building bridges for successful acquisition between Chinese companies and investors, as well as financial due diligence in China's domestic life sciences and health care industry.

Bob is a frequent speaker at seminars and Dbrief lectures on mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry. As a specialist in Deloitte's healthcare industry, his industry insights are cited by Standard and Poor's S.P., China News Agency, National Business Daily, ICS, and so on.

Bob graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a bachelor's degree in economics & finance and computer science. He has AICPA, CMA, CIA Professional Qualification.