Jiaming Li

Deloitte Consulting China Strategy & Business Design Offering Leader

Jiaming Li

30/F Bund Center

222 Yan An Road East




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  • Jiaming is the Strategy & Business Design Offering Leader and Digital Transformation Co-leader of Deloitte Consulting China. He specializes in Strategic Transformation, Organic Growth, Digital Strategy, Innovation and Ventures, Strategic Sensing and Insight Services. He leads the Asia-Pacific Hub of CLV (Center for the Long View), Monitor Deloitte’s Center of Excellence for scenario-based dynamic strategies.
  • Jiaming has profound knowledge in industry value chain including agriculture, consumer products, industrial products, oil & gas, chemicals and materials, and technology. Recently he has led multidisciplinary team to successfully help large Chinese and multinational corporations embark on their digital transformation journeys in China, covering a wide range of B2B and B2C industries, not only in "Exploring Digital" but also increasingly in "Doing Digital" and "Becoming digital", enabled by end-to-end integrated solutions and capability building programs.
  • Jiaming has written for prominent business and management journals including Harvard Business Review, Caixin and CBN. He has been a keynote speaker on strategy and digital topics at various international industry forums. He is an advisor to the newly established Singularity University Shanghai Chapter.
  • Jiaming graduated from Duke University with a Master of Science degree.