Jiaming Li

Partner, Deloitte Consulting China Chief Strategy Officer

Jiaming Li

30/F Bund Center

222 Yan An Road East




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  • Jiaming is the Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte Consulting and Managing Partner of Strategy & Business Design (Monitor Deloitte) practice in Greater China. He specializes in Strategic Transformation, Organic Growth, Digital Strategy, Innovation and Ventures, Strategic Sensing and Insight Services. He leads the Asia-Pacific Hub of CLV (Center for the Long View), Deloitte’s Center of Excellence for scenario-based dynamic strategies.
  • Recently Jiaming has supported many MNCs’ “In China for China” strategic initiatives, help them navigate a complex regulatory environment, counter rising local competitions, and manage systems and data in a way that meets local requirements. He led cross functional team design and implement a myriad of solutions while putting the alternatives into a strategic context.
  • Jiaming has profound knowledge in industry value chain including agriculture, food and beverage, chemicals and materials, and technology. He has led multidisciplinary team to successfully help large Chinese and multinational corporations embark on their digital transformation journeys in China, covering a wide range of B2B and B2C industries, enabled by end-to-end integrated solutions and capability building programs.
  • Jiaming has written and spoken at various prominent media and forums such as Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and World Economic Forum. He is an advisor to Singularity University Shanghai Chapter.
  • Jiaming graduated from Duke University and University of Science and Technology of China.