Ka Hei Choi

Partner, Actuarial and Insurance Solutions

Ka Hei Choi

35/F One Pacific Place

88 Queensway

Hong Kong


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Ka Hei is currently a Partner in the Life Insurance practice of Deloitte Actuarial based in Hong Kong.  He joined the firm in 2007 and has spent 5+ years working overseas covering the US, UK and European markets.

Ka Hei is a specialist of actuarial modelling. He is the leader of the global Deloitte actuarial modelling network.  When he was in the UK, he founded and led the Deloitte Actuarial Modelling Centre.

He has extensive experience on transforming enterprise finance system to adapt regulatory changes such as Solvency II and IFRS 17. His actuarial specialism also includes complex asset modelling, business planning & projections, and asset-liability management.