Lawrence Jin

Managing Partner, Global Chinese Services Group

Lawrence Jin

30/F Bund Center

222 Yan An Road East




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Professional background

Lawrence Jin is the managing partner of Deloitte’s Global Chinese Services Group (GCSG). The GCSG is a unique organization within Deloitte global network, consisting of over 3,000 Chinese speaking professionals who understand Chinese business culture. They provide professional advice in audit, consulting, tax and other fields with Deloitte’s multi-disciplinary service models in over 90 countries and regions. They empower Chinese companies achieving high-quality development across a broader agenda of globalization.

Lawrence started his career with Deloitte London office and became a partner with Deloitte China in 2005. He has more than 27 years of service experience in both Deloitte UK and Deloitte China, and has had a number of leadership roles with Deloitte China. Lawrence is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and Chair of ICAEW China Committee. He is also member of CICPA and AICPA.

Project experience

  • Lawrence has extensive auditing and advisory experience including managing complex engagements for multinational clients; auditing companies for public offerings in a number of capital markets including the US; conducting financial due diligence, advising on risk management including SOX compliance issues.
    • Lawrence has extensive experience in advising Chinese companies’ overseas M&A activities. He has led and participated in several major projects including Geely's acquisition of Volvo and SanPower's acquisition of HOF. Lawrence is also an expert in overseas listings and has successfully assisted a number of Chinese companies to list in various capital markets, including the US.
      • Lawrence is a founding member of Deloitte's Chinese Services Group (CSG) and was on an 18-month partner secondment in Deloitte UK where he led the UK CSG group. In that capacity, he has advised Chinese companies entering European markets as well as European companies operating in China in a wide range of areas including China strategy, M&A, tax and regulatory compliance.
        • In addition to providing efficient and high-quality auditing service in high-risk areas, under professional norms, Lawrence also provides clients with substantive advice on strategic planning and development. He has managed major multinational clients in a variety of industries, especially in consumer, advertising, and manufacturing sectors.

        Professional qualifications

        • Bachelor of Accounting & Finance First Class Honor, University of Glasgow, UK
          • CICPA
            • AICPA
              • ICAEW

              Working Experience

              • Managing Partner of Deloitte China A&A Eastern Region
              • Managing Partner of CleanTech Sector

              Major clients

              • WPP
                • Geely/Volvo
                  • Ehouse
                    • WuXi Pharmatech
                      • Nokia Shanghai Bell
                        • China Telecom
                          • Sinochem/Syngenta
                            • Ford