Jolin Gu

Climate & Sustainability Partner Deloitte China

Jolin Gu

Ms. Gu has 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on ESG rating, sustainability indicator system construction, strategy consulting, management enhancement and forensic services, serving more than 150 clients.

Ms Gu's sustainability services include sustainability strategic planning and compliance, system construction, ESG reporting, ESG assurance, green finance, responsible investment, etc. She is well versed in both domestic and international sustainability standards.

Ms Gu is well versed in both domestic and international sustainability standards and has participated in the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Report, the research and discussion of the Stock Exchange's environmental social governance standards, and the preparation of the operating manual for the guidelines on social responsibility for outbound investment in the mining industry. She has served more than 50 clients in the field of sustainability indicator system construction, consulting and assurance.

Ms Gu has extensive service experience in the financial industry, including green credit consulting, green bond forensics, green finance special forensics, green finance management information system consulting, sustainability strategy and system construction, environmental social governance report forensics, and environmental social governance informatisation system construction projects. Ms Gu holds a CIA certificate.