Rosa Yang

Deloitte China Vice Chair
Managing Partner, Deloitte University Asia Pacific (DU AP) China
Asia Pacific Lead Client Service Partner (AP LCSP) of Lenovo
Advisory Partner of CITIC and China Merchant

Rosa Yang

Rosa Yang is Deloitte China Vice Chair, the managing partner of Deloitte University Asia Pacific (DU AP) China. Her other roles include Asia Pacific Lead Client Service Partner (AP LCSP) of Lenovo and Advisory partners of CITIC and China Merchant. Previously she was the managing partner of China Clients & Market in charge of brand, market, sales excellence and priority accounts; Chair of Global Chinese Service Group; National deputy and Eastern Region’s managing partner of Risk Advisory business, Asia Pacific and China Governing Board member etc. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in China and the United States specializing in financial audit and risk advisory. Some of her clients she served include: SAIC, BaoWu Steel, China Eastern Airline, Shanghai SASAC, Shanghai Electric Power, General Motors, Delphi and Visteon.

Rosa is frequently asked to give her insights on risk and corporate governance, industry and economics. Her professional views have been featured and quoted in CFO magazine, China Business News and many more media and publications, she has also been featured in live interviews by major financial news outlets, including CCTV at the World Economic Forum.

Accreditations and memberships:
  • Certified Internal Auditor
Awards and recognition:
  • Recognition Award (Deloitte Global, 2017)
  •  Outstanding CPA (Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 2008)
  • Outstanding Female Leader (Deloitte Global, 2006)
Previous roles:
  • Managing partner, Deloitte China C&I
  • Deloitte Global Chair of Chinese Services Group
  • Managing partner, Deloitte China Global Office
  • Managing Partner, Deloitte China National Industry Programs
  • National Deputy and Eastern Region Managing Partner, Risk Advisory
  • National Innovation Leader, Deloitte China
  • Governing board member, Deloitte China
  • Chair of Fairness Committee
  • Chair of Risk & Quality Committee
  • Governing board member, Deloitte Asia Pacific
  • Member of Young Partner Advisory Committee to Global CEO