What is a Consular Registration?


What is a Consular Registration?

One of the main requirements or documents needed in order to apply for an immigration permit is to complete a Consular Registration at the home country's Embassy in Costa Rica. What this registration implies, is that the foreigner that would live in Costa Rica for a period longer than a year, needs to inform the Embassy of his local address, activity and any additional information that is needed. In some cases, like for Canada or the United State, the process may be done online.

Impats will carry this process in the Embassy of their citizenship, and the specific steps and the requirements will be different for each country. The Embassy will issue a document that proves this registration, and such would be summited as part of the immigration permit request in Costa Rica.

Normally the Embassies use this information in order to allow for voting on elections, national security issues, emergencies and in general to help their citizens if needed. If your country does not have any diplomatic presence in Costa Rica, this requirement would not apply for the immigration permit.

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