Cyber Incident Response

Fast, thorough and decisive

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. Recent experience indicates that the global number of cyber incidents is increasing exponentially. This trend is also experienced by entities in Cyprus as well. Cyber security incidents range from computer viruses to attempted intrusions into corporate networks. Incidents can result in system malfunctions, and the loss, theft or alteration of corporate data and assets, including personally identifiable information and money. These are reputation damaging events with a direct impact on client relationships that may lead to unpredictable financial losses.

Deloitte helps organisations with cyber incident response in their information environments to protect their important data as well as their reputations and operations. Our Cyber Incident Response (CIR) practice delivers timely and actionable information as a data breach investigation unfolds so that you can make business and system protection decisions, and understand the adversaries’ motives and the data they seek.